Wed. Apr 8th, 2020


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“We Don’t Get Name & Awards In Bollywood For Free,We Have To Earn It” Says-Vaibhav Palhade

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Film Industry Is The Largest Growing Business In India.There are many peoples Facing Struggle Here.Many Settled Family’s From bollywood Rule This Industry For Longer Time.But,Nowadays There are many filmmakers coming from non-Film Background,They Make Them Settled Here,Earn Name & Awards.One oF Them Is Vaibhav Palhade He Says ““We Don’t Get Name & Awards in Bollywood For Free,We Have To Earn It” He Says,Every Field Have Struggle.It Depends On You That How You Face It.Finally Your Hardwork Speaks.He Also Said That,Hardwork is Only Possible way To Make Your Self Settled In Film Industry.


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